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Self catering apartment in Mojácar, Andalusia, Spain, rental accomodation for vacations and holidays near Playa de El Cantal

E-mail: mojamar@mojamar.com

Telephone: 0034 950 47 86 59 -- 0034 950 478735 cell phone: : 0034 687706710 Address: Calle Miguel Hernández 25 04638, Mojácar, Spain

Contact, address, phone:

To get more info or to ask for booking please look for contact here: 04638, Mojácar-Almería, Andalucía, Spain Calle Miguel Hernández 25

Phones: 0034 950 47 86 59, 0034 950 478735, Móvil: 0034 687706710 E-mail: mojamar@mojamar.com

Mojácar, Andalusia, History:

The old location of the town was on a hill near the sea, called Mojácar la Vieja. For some historians this was the old Iberian town of Meschech or Mastia and it welcomed Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans.
The new town was called Murgis-Akras, "Murgis on the heights', later called Mucacra, Mosaqar and Moxacar. It was on the border between two Roman provinces, Betica and Tarraconense.
In the first years of the VIII century, it belonged to the province of Tudmir. During the Caliphate of Cordoba it remained loyal to the authorities of the Caliphate and when this was dismembered it was conquered by the sultan from Seville, Al-Mutamid. During the nazari period it was also on the border between the Kingdoms of Granada and Murcia.
Apparently on the 10th of June 1488, the Catholic Kings, who were in Vera, sent Captain Garcilaso de la Vega to talk to Alabez, the governor of Mosaqar, who made the Captain see that he was as much from this land as anybody and that instead of treating him as an enemy he would treat him as a brother and he asked to be permitted to continue working the land. His petition was accepted and Moors and Christians carried on living side by side.
With the Moorish revolts of 1568-1570, the rebels proposed to the future Marquis of Torrealta that he would become king if he joined in the rebellion, what he rejected. The Moors were not expelled from Mojacar.
Between the XVI and XIX centuries, Mojácar was surrounded by the wall and the only gate which existed in the ancian wall ist still preserved.
The symbol of the town, the Indalo (a figure of a man), was taken from one of the figures of the “Cueva de los Letreros” (Cave of Signs) in Velez-Blanco. Indalo became the symbol for the whole province of Almeria.
From the 60s onwards, Mojácar became a tourist destination for musicians, painters and other artists which increased its possibilities as a tourist resort. In spite of speculation and damage to the landscape, it has managed to preserve the authentic flavour of an Arabic town perfectly linked to its surroundings.

Monuments of Mojácar:

“Santa María” Church, 16th and 17th century. .Renaissance style. Temple - fortress.
“Nuestra Señora de los Dolores” Church, 18th and 19th century. Neoclassic style.
Gate of the City, 15th century. The city was walled since the 15th century and that is the only part preserved nowadays.
Moorish Fountain, 19th 20th century.
Castle of  Macenas, 18th century. Built on the coastline.
Castle of Mojácar, 15th century.
Defense tower.
Remains of the old arab city-walls.

Archaeological sites:

Archaeological site of Belmonte.
Peñón Watchtower, 13th-15th century, also known as "Torre Pirulico".
Archaeological Remains.
Found on Cerro Cuartillas, Caldero, Cabezo de la Mata, Llano Manzano, Roja de Ortega, Cabecico de Aguilar and Loma Belmonte.



Town according to moorish town planning.
Jewish Quarter.
Luciana Arch.
Ancient public Washing place.



Apartamento para vacaciones en Mojácar, Andalucía, España alojamiento de alquiler, cerca de Playa de El Cantal, apartamento - casa duplex, completamente equipado, alojamientos para corto plazo en cuanto a una estancia más larga del término en la costa del sol. Alquiler para vacaciones, viajes culturales, para familias en vacaciones, puede comodamente alojar 2 hasta 4 personas o hasta 6 personas, ca. 70 metros quadrados de la superficie


Apartment self catering in Mojácar, Andalusia, Spain, rental accommodation for vacations and holidays near the beach Playa de El Cantal. The apartment, designed as holiday house in 2 levels, is completely furnished, well suited for short or longer stay for vacations and holidays on the Spanish Costa del Sol. This rentals are self catering type. It is ca. 70 sq.m., best suited for 2 persons but can accommodate up to 4 or even 6 persons


Appartement en Mojácar, Andalousie, Espagne, appartement à louer pour les vacances, localisé près de plage Playa de El Cantal, pour 2 aux 4-6 persones


Ferienwohnung, FeWo, in 2-geschossigen Heuse Tip duplex, völlig möbliert. Da Appartement funkzioniert als self catering. Es befindet sich in Mojácar, Almeria, auf der Spanischen Küste Costa del Sol, Andalusien, Spanien. Geeignet fur Ferien für kleinen und grösseren Familien oder Gruppen. Es macht sehr gute Ausgangs Lage für Ausfluge, für Kultur Reisen, Wanderung entlang der Küste oder auf die Gebirge im Hinterland, das Naturschutzgebiet Cabo de Roca und die umliegende Staedte wie Garrucha nicht vergessen. Es ist Mietwohnung geeignet ebenfalls für kurze Aufenthalte als auch für die laengeren Ferien, es hat 2 Schlafzimmern, cca. 70 m2, bestens geeignet für 2 oder 4 Personen, eine Familie oder gute Freunde, im Sonderfall geignet sogar für bis auf 6 Personen


Appartamento self catering en Mojácar, Andalusia, Espagna, appartament in casa duplex per lgi vacanze, cerca de piaggia Playa de El Cantal, per 1 a 4 (6) personi

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